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HND Assignment Help is committed to offering excellent services to all its clients. We, therefore, strive to offer you fair conditions. We have terms of use page that highlights the conditions you have to adhere to when you choose to engage us for HND assignment help. You must go through the below terms of use before engaging us for HND Assignment Help. The terms and conditions apply to everyone who seeks our services and also visitors to the website. You will come across words like ‘We’ and ‘Us’. The terms refer to HND Assignment Help. ‘You’ refers to a student and any other person for help with their HND Assignment. Any person who decides to engage HND Assignment Help must adhere to all the terms and conditions on our website. Let us go through some of the terms of use together.

Placing an Order

HND Assignment help only accepts assignments with clear instructions and deadlines. You must also include the referencing style to be used and your expectations for the assignment. You will be liable for any mistake that arises from a lack of clear instructions. We give an allowance of around two hours before starting the assignment. The allowance gives you a chance to change the instructions. We do not allow more changes after the elapse of the two hours.


We advise all our clients to ensure that all their assignments are approved before handing them over to us. HND Assignment Help handles legal assignments only.

Terms of Payment

After placing an order for an assignment, the next step is payment. This means that your assignment will be handed over to a writer once you make full payment for your assignment. However, we make arrangements of payments with clients return clients especially when it is a long-term project. We also make adjustments when we are offering discounts at that particular time. For cases where we allow clients to pay in installments, they must make their first installment before we assign their assignment to our writers and the final installment before we deliver their assignment.


HND Assignment Help has your interests at heart. For this reason, we offer discounts every often. You should therefore keep checking our website since the information about discounts is always posted there. We encourage students struggling financially to take advantage of such discounts. It is also worth noting that, discounts are strictly given within the specific deadlines. Clients cannot make demands for discounts once the discount period elapses.

Trade Marks

HND Assignment Help is a sole property. No individual or company is allowed to use it for their business without our permission.

Copyright Statement

Every information and rights stated in our policy section is strictly reserved for our site. No outsider should copyright the materials. Students can print information on our website for personal and non-commercial use.

Limitation of Use

Our website is for HND Assignment Help only. Clients above 18 years can access our website for any kind of help with their assignment. Any student below 18 may not be able to access our website.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

  • We must ensure that you keep receiving better services. We, therefore, keep working on our website to improve the services. Whenever we want to work on the website, we have a right to suspend it. We are not liable for your inability to access the website.
  • It is unlikely for you to receive challenges with our servers. Having said that, we are not responsible for data lost through your PC or server.
  • We are a team of competent writers with a great experience. We are known for the delivery of well-researched thus high-quality assignments. We are therefore not liable for any student’s failure. We can only assist with unlimited revisions. We do not give refunds except for extreme and genuine cases.
  • We are not liable for your inability to access HND Assignment Help. We can only assist when it is a technical error.

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