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HND Assignment Help is a reputable platform where HND students can run to for help with their assignments and be assured of excellent results. We are a team of reliable and professionals whose goal is to deliver high-quality assignments that guarantee high grades. However, in rare cases, errors occur and clients decide to ask for a refund.  Luckily, we have a well-thought refund policy which highlights all the instances when a client qualifies for a refund below.

Failure to Meet the Deadline

HND Assignment Help strives to ensure that you receive all your assignment before the elapse of deadlines. Seldom, we could experience technical issues that may delay us from delivering your assignments on time. In such a case, you would need to contact our customer support for an explanation for the delay. If you find the reason our team gives unjustifiable, we are always ready to give a full refund. However, if you submit the assignment and it is accepted despite being late, we do not refund. We only refund a portion of it if there is a fine for late submission to which, you must provide proof for the deduction. Also, we refund when our customized HND assignment is not of any use to you.

When the HND Assignment is not up to Standard

At HND Assignment Help, our goal is to provide premium quality assignments. Whenever the assignment fails to meet the required standards, we offer unlimited revisions at no extra costs. If we manage to fix all the errors as required, you do not receive any refund for the assignment. It is worth noting that, if you choose a revision for your assignment, we do not refund. Also, our team writes all assignments from scratch to ensure that it is original. Any client who proves to us that the assignment is plagiarized gets a full refund. Our team is known for efficiency. They send drafts to clients every few pages. This gives room for the client to confirm if we are following the given instructions. It is therefore their responsibility to point out areas that need corrections before we proceed with the assignment. In this case, we only refund when the corrections a client pointed out were not done.

Failure to Deliver the HND Assignment

Even though it is rare for us to fail to deliver an assignment, such circumstances occur, though rarely. In case of such a situation, the client is free to contact customer support for a full refund.

When the Client Cancels the Order

There are instances when the client places an order and cancels it later. HND Assignment Help gives clients a 5-hour allowance during which, they can cancel the order. Once the order is assigned to a writer, cancelling the order will be impossible. In case you cancel it, you are not eligible for a refund.

When the Student gets Extremely Low Grades in the HND Assignment

It is impossible to fail in an assignment handled by HND Assignment Help. However, if such a case occurs, you may ask for a refund from customer support. Nevertheless, you have to provide us with proof of failure. The client will however only get a 50% refund since our writers get their payment in advance.

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